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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hineni Is Wonderful (But . . .)

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis has a wonderful program in that she has lectures and other special events to allow young Jewish professionals to meet and eventually get married! There are many such events, and one begins to wonder . . . if being single is so much fun, who is going to want to buckle down and get married?

While these types of programs are good intentioned and perhaps needed to help young Jewish people get hitched, I think we need another incentive . That is, we need to make events 'for married couples only.' If the most exclusive lectures and dinner parties were only for married couples, then everyone who would want to be in on the fun would realize they need to get married to get an invitation!

It might sound crazy, but it makes sense to me. By idealizing the days of being single, we prevent the desire for marriage to blossom. Instead, married couples need to idealize being married. The traditional 'incentives' of marriage no longer apply to many Jewish people, but unfortunate as that may be, we need to open our minds to reality and create new and relevant incentives.

How about an award for tying the knot? A local Yeshiva and Kollel in Brooklyn, Ohr Yitzchok, has initiated a magnificent practice. Like other Yeshiva dinners, every year at their dinner, several people are honored for various achievements. But they also honor all Ohr Yitzchok student who have gotten married in the previous year! The names of all the Ohr Yitzchok newlyweds are printed in bold black letters on the dinner invitation. Now that's an ego boost!

What's your incentive?

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