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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What Does the Splitting the Sea Have To Do With Getting Married?

B’nei Yisrael, the entirety of the Jewish people, are standing in front of the Red Sea. Right behind them are the soldiers of Pharaoh’s army gaining. B’nei Yisrael were at a point in reality where it seem IMPOSSIBLE for them to escape with their lives – the Egyptians behind them, the sea before them…it was either succumb to the Egyptians or flounder in the water. Reality at that moment was that they had no other choices except those two.

The test which the Jewish people face at that moment was to have the ability to create a new reality – to think ‘outside the box’ and actually make new choices to follow that wouldn’t seem plausible.

Nachshon ben Aminadav was that individual who created a new reality for B’nei Yisrael. Nachshon ben Aminadav entered the sea, he walked into the water, and let himself sink until the water was about to cover his nose and he wouldn’t be able to breathe anymore. That was the moment at which Hashem split the sea.

The whole test facing an unmarried person, (as well as many other people with obstacles to overcome) is – are they able to use their Emunah – their Belief – their power of imagination and desire, to actually believe their way into a new existence. And it only took the imagination of one individual make that new reality come true for three million people. When Nachshon Ben Aminadav walked into the water—fully believing it would split for him and allow the entire Jewish people to forge a path through the water—he gave the opening for G-d to enter and transform the reality of the Jewish people. And what they all needed was the Emunah for it to happen. The key word to remember is belief.

An unmarried person, or any person who desires to achieve a goal, faces obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. An individual might think that it is impossible to achieve the goal they desire because of extenuating circumstances. There are a million and one reasons why your goal seems impossible to achieve. No where to turn with obstacles all around. At that point some give up. Even the best of us give up. But then what must urge a person forward is taking action while believing and feeling with your heart that it will happen.

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